HLT invested in a new paint shop for powder coating parts. This way we offer our customers a complete service – from design, production to complete finishing. The company’s own paint shop saves on the number of transports and therefore on costs. At the same time minimizes the risk of transport damage.

Automated powder coating paint shop

The pieces move through the paint shop via a monorail system. We do not use a closed circuit, which improves efficiency and flexibility. In the pre-treatment and the muffle furnace, the pieces move via a time-controlled automation. The powder coating process takes eight steps and takes an average of 85 minutes. When the pieces have cooled, they are packaged and ready for shipment. No drying time is required. The environmental conditions, temperature and humidity do not have any influence on the processing time.

Guaranteed paint quality

All parts receive the correct preparation and surface finish in-house. This guarantees the quality of the paint – in the RAL colour indicated by the customer. After a thorough final inspection, the pieces are well protected and ready for further processing.

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