Extremely precise bends

Thanks to a unique simulator we determine the smartest bending order. Upfront you’ll see what the end result will look like – including the relevant angle corrections. This speeds up the process, reduces the margin of error and maximizes the quality delivered.


Are the base parts been cut via laser or waterjet? Then we bend them into the desired shape. The exclusive software calculates the most efficient bending order, extreme precisely using the unfolded part.

Proper manufacturing at once

The 2D and 3D simulator guarantees an optimal production of each part, including all angle corrections within the permitted bending tolerances. This way we eliminate test parts. This production method delivers a usable result much faster – starting with the first part.

Stamp and die

A press brake produces the right end result by forming the part with the stamp at an exact angle and with the right force into the lower die. Stainless steel, (non-ferrous) metal and aluminium each have their own characteristics. Because of our various press brakes, HLT has the right machine for every order to produce a high-quality product:

  • up to 4 meters long
  • up to 220 tons of force

Opt for consistent quality with HLT

Continuous checks guarantee compliant and identical parts – from the first to the last bend. HLT is constantly investing in the most suitable technology.

  • precise bend angles across the entire part length
  • previous bends data used as reference
  • compensation for material or radius variations
  • parallelism and exact lengths of bended edges
  • exact position of holes relative to bended edges