Welding metal? Welding stainless steel? Or aluminium welding? Metal, stainless steel or aluminium each have their own requirements for a qualitative weld connection. One material tolerates heat, the other does not. Based on those parameters, HLT opts for TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding: we use the most efficient technology for a strong end result.

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MIG welding versus TIG welding

Welding metal? Welding stainless steel? Or aluminium welding?

Depending on the specific material properties, HLT welds with MIG or TIG. These welding techniques use protective gases to prevent the harmful effects of the surrounding air on the melt bath and the melting additive material.

The correct gas selection guarantees welding quality and prevents additional finishing operations.

MIG welding

Uses a constant voltage, a melting electrode and an “inert gas” [Argon] that does not react with the melt bath. You add molten material to create the weld.

Advantages MIG-welding

  • faster than TIG-lassen
  • versatile and flexible to use
  • suitable for automation via welding robot

TIG welding

Uses a constant current without melting electrode: the electrode does not touch the welding piece anywhere. Here also, an “inert gas” [Argon Helium] protects the weld bead against the influence of the surrounding air.

Advantages TIG-welding

  • ideal for welding stainless steel and aluminium
  • suitable for thin sheet thicknesses

Automatic versus manual

For series, HLT examines all possibilities for automating the welding process.

This way you get consistent quality. And … this is how the expertise of our employees pays off optimally. Because they concentrate on non-automated production facets or on hard-to-reach and demanding welds.

Whether you want to weld metal, stainless steel or aluminium: your product will have the right, robust connections everywhere.

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Opt for consistent quality with HLT

HLT chooses the most efficient welding method based on the (non-ferrous) metal properties. In this way we guarantee a high-quality weld – thanks to the automated welding line and manual expertise.