Deburring, pearl blasting or surface grind using the right process ensures a perfect finish or the right preparation for high-quality coating.


For an optimal weld and a high-quality finish, we deburr various parts. This way we completely remove the (cutting) remains. The sanding belt in the deburring machine is ideal for:

Maximum width: 900 mm
Maximum sheet thickness: 80 mm

HLT - lakken 2

Surface finish

HLT finishes the cut parts or prepares them for coating in a sliding grinding installation. For example, it removes the oxide layer with oxygen-cut parts. Without deformation of the holes contrary to using conventional drumming this is the perfect treatment for (welded) parts:

Maximum length: 430 mm

Pearl blasting

Blasting with compressed air and glass beads (or “pearl blasting”) is ideal for cleaning and finishing stainless steel, aluminium, brass and (non-ferrous) metals. The result of this pearl blasting? A maintenance-friendly, smooth and satin finish – ideal for preparing pieces for paintwork.

Blasting cabin of 5.5 meters x 4 meters

Opt for consistent quality with HLT

HLT has everything for a perfect finish of your products – including a durable coating. Thanks to that precise finish, your pieces are ready for use.