Laser cutting and water jet cutting of metal

HLT provides you with laser cutting or water jet cutting of metal. We determine the most efficient cutting technology based on the metal thickness and type. This way we offer you the best result within the tightest budget – perhaps with a laser engraving or marking on each piece as part of your company branding.

Tube laser cutting of metal

In addition to sheet metal parts, we now supply tubes with precisely placed cuts and holes. By welding and finishing them, you get a ready-made solution.

HLT - buislasersnijder LVD

Tube laser cutting of metal? These are the five advantages of HLT's tube laser technology:


optimal cutting

and small cutting width on round surfaces


high speed

and accuracy


higher cost efficiency

compared to the combination of sawing, drilling and milling


efficient programming

based on a 3D design


smooth order switching

by using offline work preparation

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Laser cutting of metal

HLT’s laser cutters maximize cutting quality and accuracy in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass. We program our cutting machines via a flexible computer system. In this way we guarantee tight production times – even with complex and varied cutting operations.

Laser cutting of metal? These are the four advantages of HLT laser technology:


optimal cutting quality

and small cutting width with hard, soft and brittle materials


high cutting speeds

across the entire work area (because the laser head moves across the stationary plate – regardless of the plate weight or size)


geometrically accurate

and completely burr-free representation of the programmed contours – even at sharp corners


additional machining options

from engraving and marking to cutting of foil-covered materials

Water jet cutting of metal

The technique of water jet cutting is suitable for all types of materials: metal, glass, plastic and stone. That makes it an excellent addition to laser cutting. Depending on your order, HLT chooses the most efficient cutting process. In this way you get the best result within the most profitable budget.

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5 voordelen van de waterstraaltechnologie van HLT


completely burr-free cut

with a constant and high quality


suitable for composites and plastics

because you “cut cold”


without deformation or discoloration

the water jet leaves the material properties intact because no heat is involved


smart programming system

is compatible with the other HLT machines


full 3D cutting

with 5-axis cutting head

advantages of the 5-axis cutting head:

– cutting complex pre-formed parts

– cutting chamfers up to 45 ° – also in (slot) holes

– perfect angle cut through automatic draft compensation for thick materials

Opt for consistent quality with HLT

Due to our smart machine setup, HLT always has the right option for an accurate cut – we make a choice based on the material and your order specifications.