Surface finish


Parts with max. length of 430mm
Perfect to remove Oxide layer on parts cut with use of oxygen
After-treatment of welded parts
De-greasing of parts before painting process
Tumbling of parts in (stainless) steel and aluminum without causing any damages or deformation of holes as is the case with conventional tumbling.

TIMESAVERS 41 serie 900 WRdW

De-burring machine equipped with belt/disc/belt.
Parts with max. thickness of 80mm
Max. with of 900mm


Belt :

grinding burrs
surface preparation material
pre- de-burring with Scotch Brite belt


De-burring and rounding off of flat parts ((stainless) steel / aluminum) with Scotch-Brite pads.


Applying a grinding finish or polish finish or repair (with belt of Scotch Brite belt)
Final finish with Scotch Bride belt
Since the machine has a wet configuration, HLT has the capability to grind aluminum as well. Controls by Touch Screen guarantee short set-up times